Here’s what a professor at Stanford University says:

A biography that's a page-turner!

This is a gripping, touching, meticulously researched biography of one of the genuine geniuses and heroes of the 20th Century. Norman Borlaug (whom I had the privilege to know personally) had the kind of idealism, tenacity and courage epitomized by Jimmy Stewart in the title role of "Mr. Smith Goes to Washington" and Gary Cooper in "High Noon."
Our Daily Bread conveys how difficult much of Borlaug's life was and the odds against which he accomplished so much in cereal genetics and agronomy.

What especially surprised and impressed me about this book is that the author managed to make it a genuine page-turner. There was real uncertainty and suspense about whether the introduction of Borlaug's new wheat varieties and agronomic practices would come in time to prevent massive starvation in India and Pakistan.
Terrific book!